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Wow! NG Just got even better! :D

2007-07-24 10:36:43 by coycoy

wow, i was gone from NG for a few months cause ive been on DA and SA all the time. XD lol, i like that i have my own page here on NG now, its very neat. i might spend mor etime here on NG again since all these coll changes are here. if you really want to talk to me, go to my Deviantart page im there all the time. ^^ well, bye peeps and have a nice day i guess. :)


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2007-07-31 19:36:11

It sure has gotten more interesting certainly, hi Coy!


2007-08-09 13:52:37

Also, thank you for the fav on 'Mario's Secret Weapon" old bean!

coycoy responds:

Your best of welcomes old chap, it was an awesome flash to say the least mek o'l buddy! :D


2007-08-22 22:32:42

Hey CoyCoy, you should submit that Tundra Flash you made for DeviantART here!

coycoy responds:

Lol, I would but, i never got to finish it .. ^^; ppl on NG dont take to kindly to seeing unfinished submissions on NG, i learned that from experience.. ^^; plus it wasnt the best flash, lol its not tht great... ^^; but hey thanks for the thought. :)


2007-09-19 07:49:59

Hi! *Waves*


2007-09-23 05:17:45

hi ^_^ guess who X3 *hugs tightly*


2007-09-28 22:02:41



2007-10-21 06:45:36

Well. CoyCoy mah booooi

Me thinks your Flash that you're working on will go down well here


2007-11-24 00:13:00

How you are? Taco am please seeing you not dead! Are your life good? Taco's life am good! You should going Newground more. Wait, go Newground less. This place am sucking. Play World of Warcraft on Mok'Nathal! Taco am very much wanting speaking to you again! Replying soon, hopefully! Giving you Taco's love, RobotTaco!


2008-03-25 11:36:31

yep we have all been very impressed by it!


2008-05-07 04:59:55

So your saying you made a flash based on a video game?
Holy shit man, I've never heard of that before.


2008-05-07 17:08:15

How could you second-guess yourself that you want a nice day?


2008-05-08 00:14:16

hay coycoy have u thought of makeing a game for Newgrounds?